Neil Walker took the above 2 picks. 2 quonset huts at Alburg can be seen in the background
This boat will be used as a work platform inside the silo. It will be modified and lowered into silo. Currently boat is at Kenny's boat repair just outside of Alburg,VT
Bottom 5 pics taken at the Lewis site, 2010
Bottom 2 pics of septic system, Champlain.
Slab for cooling tower, Champlain.
Collimator tube opening at surface.
Slab for 2nd Quonset hut. Hut burned down in the 70's.
Pipe fixtures for toilet basins in Quonset hut.
Concrete housing for disel fuel valves that from tank to silo.
Concrete fixtures for lamp posts.
Fill & vent shaft opening at surface of silo cap. This shaft 52 feet deep. Shaft was full of crap that was extracted by using a cable hoist from harbour freight.