last week
Jeff Wenig: thanks for some of these pics
Neil Waker  with metal detector, thanks. In search of Culminator tube end. Looks like this whole area was excavated to extract water tanks then recovered with fill & rubble. Still haven't found the end of Culminator Tube.
Notice the two bent I beams on their side. Beams could have been used to support bails of hay as a cushion when Launch doors were closed by the salvagers
Renovated door. Frame is original with new panels & hinges.
Managed to free up blast door to swing open & close with plenty of lubricating oil.
Main water line valve on Level 3, line continues to Level 4 where it has been severed. A steady amount water is coming into the silo at this point. Enough to make a difference over time.
Clearing and debushing westside of property.
Neighbor Tim Parsons with backhoe shifting fill dirt around.
Some kind of control box at Level 3.