E-150 Ford Cargo Van, 2005. Bought it used with 35,000 miles
Papa Fitz applying duct tape to shop mats that were cut to form base inside deck of van. Interlocking square mats from Sears
Hotsy BX gas, cold water pressure washer, 3.7 GPM, 3500 PSI, Honda GX engine, belt drive
Pressure washer w/ sandblaster attachment
Sand blasting medium, a type of black sand used in the auto body industry for a fine finish.
McCauley's Spray-Flex wand, 90' flexibility
High pressure turbo nozzle
Hotsy Equipment Company, Columbus, Ohio tel: 800 686-1112
Packing the van, 2'' hoses, vise, washer
Most of this equipment ordered off of internet
Garage full of stuff
2 boxes of wall bins set up for hardware
Washer being secured w/ heavy boxes