gutted crap from the Quonset
looking from iside of complex to main entrance road
power washed LCC entrance
slopped bank to SE corner of property
behind tree a a signifacant marsh
pump houses #1 & #2
pump houses #1 concrete platform for pump, could be the original
pump houses #1, original flange on floor
pump houses #1, pressure tank probably installed 5 to 7 years ago
pump houses #1, original electrical boxes
pump houses #2
pump houses #2, heavy duty pump
pump houses #2, heavy duty pump, back side view
pump houses #2, electrical boxes with heater
man hole "S" cover
man hole "S" cover, inside view
man hole cover ???
antennae bunker
2 1/2 hole drilled by GOV'T awhile back to test water in silo
photo shot of test bole hole, water viewed
Official US Gov't survey marker on property, this marker used to off as a fixed reference point to mark US / Canadian border
week 27 & 28