week 30 & 31
Basketball court, use to be the helicopter landing pad for Base
Operations manual found on level 2 of LCC, drying out
Starting to clean up level 1 of LCC
Thats Mason, neighbor kid that helps out.
Testing pump.
Missile Base Road. At one time road had a fence on each side.
Neighbor Tim's dump truck at country waste transfer staion. Dumping crap from Quonset Hut.
Working on 3/4 horse, 4" Flotec deep submersible pump, 220 V, single phase.
Piling up square linoleum pieces & crap into one pile. Metal into another pile.
Water leakage from one electrical conduit. level 1 of LCC
Set up drainage pipe for pump through 3" hole in launch doors. Pipe is going through an antique base for a street light from Quebec. Have a number of these old light poles on site.